Well the day has finally arrived. The All Comms tool is officially on sale, today, April 25th. So please go over to the page and order one. For God’s sake please order the tool. Otherwise I wasted my time in the basement for the past year.

The All Comms tool is officially on sale but that does not mean it is complete. The tool will continue to grow over the next year and more modules for more vehicles will be added. So please check back soon if your vehicle does not have the specific function that you really needed. Or better yet, please email me and let me know which module and or function you want.

Storey Wilson
RSW Solutions

Beta testing is going well amongst the 15 test units. I have been constantly updating and twesking certain systems. I am fairly confident in the L322 systems and will quickly be moving onto the P38a and the Disco2 systems. The release date will initially only encompass the L322 systems. The release date is April 25th.

This little one just had to come out and see what her daddy was doing every night.

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b_l322 b_p38a

The All Comms project is reaching the first major release point. The hardware manufacturing is days away from being completed. The software has reached the first release version. The software will be complete for the L322 Range Rover first. Other vehicle models are still under construction and will be complete soon.

Ok... so an update is what you all are requesting. I cannot put everything into words just this second, so I promise another video update in the next 48 hours or so. I can tell you that currently I have about 6 subsystems working fully in the L322, 2 subsytems in the P38a and another 2 subsystems in the Discovery 2 vehicle. Things are moving along nicely but not as fast as I would like. I will elaborate more in the upcomming blog video. So keep checking back.






Sorry for the lapse in my progress reports. I have been very focused on other aspects of life. Additionally, I went to the Solihull Society Land Rover National Rally again. This year we were in Moab. See the Offroading section of the website for videos.

I am still programminga away. I hope to have a prerelease copy of the software for people to play with early in the month of December. I am furiously programming away and trying to determine the best overal program structure to accomodate the different threading requirements of the communicaiton engine and the user interface. For this to work properly, the windows threading must be implemented correctly. Still not sure if I understand it all, but when I do, everything will fall into place very quickly.

A few more hundred lines of code have been written. I still have not absolutely verified the lower level communications protocols to my satisfaction, but I hope to get that done before the end of September. I am satisfied with the hardware design though, and have submitted the gerber files to my manufacturer for cost estimates. I should know more in a few weeks.


The third revision of the hardware boards arrived last night. I assembled the newest version of the board, and was extremely pleased to find that all of the changes that I had made to the power busses and the chip footprints were sucessful. At this point, everything on the hardware level is complete.
I next need to begin pushing towards the complete lower level software communications layers on all three vehicles. I am extremely close to having the lower level communications layers operational but nothing is polished yet or is using any windows threading.
Once I absolutely confirm that I can communicate on each of the vehicle protocols and get the appripriate response, I will begin the large scale hardware manufacturing process. Currently I can communicate with each of the vehicle protocols, but only on a very rudimentary level. I simply need to verify once and for all that the hardware design I have created will work from start to finish on each of the protocols. Nothing can be left to chance when hundreds of units must be manufactured at once.
Vacation is over and the world is rushing back in like a really bad hangover. I was fortunate enough to get a good ammount of sailing in, but maybe less fortunate to admit that I bought a M20 Scow Sailboat. I guess I have completed one more step towards being a man; I can now say that I have owned a boat.
During vacation, I wrote a few more hundred lines of code and also submitted a third version of the hardware board. I should have a new prototype ready by the end of this week and hopfully a proven set of fully functioning lower level software communications protocols. More news very soon.

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