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Announcing the release of a new tool for the Discovery LR3 vehicle platform. The LR3 Activate tool will read and clear the fault codes on the Discovery LR3 Air Suspension computer. The tool will also read and record the live sensor heights from the air suspension height sensors. The tool should be a necessary and useful troubleshooting step when working with the LR3 Air Suspension computer.

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A new version of the EAS Activate tool has been released. This new version is a large software upgrade. The software upgrade adds the ability to read and clear fault codes on the L322 ABS computer in addition to the previous ability to interact with the EAS computer. The device can now read and clear fault codes on both the Air Suspension computer andt he Anti-Lock Brake system computer simultaneously.

Buyers Beware. There are several Chinese websites that claim to sell my tools. All of these sites are false and in violation of several copyrights and trademarks. Any product purchased from these chinese sites will not work properly and will not be supported by RSWsolutions. When in doubt, send me an email and I can help verify. All of the All Comms hardware tools are coded to the software and vice versa. A product manufactured by another source will certainly not meet the coded hardware requirements, will not operate with the All Comms software properly and could damage vehicle and or PC hardware.

I have also received notification from some customers of these illegal Chinese copies, that the software included with the product is not only extremely outdated, but also contains viruses and or spyware. RSW Solutions is not responsible for these illegal counterfeit copies and cannot help resolve any of the problems that result from these illegal copies. I strongly advise against these illegal counterfeits.

New Baby Boy was born early this morning. That makes two children in the family now. Everyone is healthy and well. Thanks for everyones well wishes and support.

I have completed the L322 Air Suspension Calibration module. Whew! It was a strange calibration procedure. Very different from the old P38a Air Suspension calibration. A video has been added to the MKIII Repair videos section on how to recalibrate the L322 Air Suspension.

I have also added an instructions section to the All Comms software. I will be adding many instructional modules on how different systems work. This will then grow into an atlas of best repair pathways for different vehicle modules.

Several different angles on the project over the last weeek.

P38a: I am continuing to work on the key and seed encryption protocol that exists on almost all of the vehicle computer subsystems. The protocol appears to be a relatively simple XOR encryption or perhaps some sort of straight forward bit shift. I have absolutely no experience with key and seed methods. So it is a huge learning curve. I am hoping that because of the age of the equipment, circa 1996, that the security seed and key method is very simple.

Discovery 2: I am working on adding all of the different programatic control of the ABS modulator solenoid valves. The methods will allow the user to control the valves for bleeding procedures and testing procedures.

L322 Range Rover: I have been able to complete the Air Suspension calibration procedure from start to finish on my vehicle. The procedure still has some little unknowns that have to be worked out before end users can begin playing with the module. But I now have a vehicle that is 2 inches higher than standard. I also added the ability to enter and exit into Air Suspension Transport mode.


In general I have also added the ability for vehicle settings to be stored in a default configuration file for long term record keeping purposes. This also keeps a record of all the cahnges that have been performed on a vehicle and helps undo accidental changes and settings that may have been lost. Along the same lines, the user can also perform a capture of the vehicle diagnostic communications traffic and send it through email to RSW solutions for help with certain systems. This will help not only diagnose problems with the end user vehicle but will help me further develop for the software with different user vehicles out in the world.


I have also ordered a spare second hand 2005 L322 Range Rover Body Control Module. I will then be able to play with the different Body Control module configuration strings that exits on the later L322 Body control module units. As I do not have access to a 2005 L322 vehicle, this is the next best thing to use as a test platform. I know a large number of people want the Body Control module configuration module back up and running on the All Comms Software. This will bring me one step closer to getting the BCM module activated again.


Summer is just about over. This means that I now have time to resume work on the All Comms Project. I have the next 2 months or so to committ some serious time to the project and hopefully get some of the P38a and Discovery 2 modules working. In two months time give or take a couple weeks, my wife will deliver our new baby boy. At that time, I will not be able to spend as much time on the project for awhile once the new baby arrives.

This morning, I am hard at work on a new module for the L322, Steering Angle sensor ECU coding procedure. Britton is helping and letting me get some work in.

rac_seeing_double rac_seeing_double

The Work Continues. No, you are not seeing double. There are indeed two FFRRs sitting in the garage at my beckon call for diagnostic troubleshooting. Oh joy, twice the pain.


What is life without a few diversions. No, this is not yet another example of my problem with accumulating British vehicles. While this beautiful 1958 Austin FX-3 is not mine, it is in the family. I was just helping to get it going again. It is someone elses problem. :)

taxi_1 taxi_2

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