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The MKIII All Comms Version 2 Software is now able to re-code the L322 Range Rover Body Control Module and the Steering Angle Module. This procedure is necessary when a new BCM or SAS is installed into a vehicle.
Wow, It took about 90 days, but I finally finished the LR3 Air suspension calibration module. There were many obstacles that needed to be overcome and with some help, the last few problems were finally solved. I also added about 21 different live sensor graphing functions to the 4Dcan software tool.

I am currently working on a solution to the very common L322 Steering Column interlock ECU failure. The symptoms that the owner experience are the inability to turn the vehicle key in the console ignition switch. The failure is actually usually up in the steering column interlock module. There is a failure in the steering column interlock module which prevents the vehicle from allowing the ignition key from turning. The only solution was to repalce the entire steering column mechanism. To compound problems further, Land Rover has stopped manufacturing 2002-2005 steering column repalcement units. So this creates a very serious problem for L322 owners. The vehicle will become completely disabled when this problem occurs and there are no reaplcement parts available.

The Diesel engine communications module for the BMW 2002-2005 L322 Range Rover has been completed. Sorry it took so long. Make sure to tell your friends. No really please get the word out. This is a huge Version 2 All Comms software upgrade from the original version. I am in the process of updating all users who are running version 1 of the RSW Solutions software.

Not sure if I should spend any time on the Diesel transmission module. Usually when transmissions go, they just grenade and reading the fault does not matter. If you have knowledge to the contrary, let me know.
Not sure if anyone reads these things. I have been working very hard on three different tasks for the All comms software. The priority has always been to create a module for the M57 DDE4 BMW Diesel engine computer. I am pleased to announce that the module is almost compelete. The communciations protocol is documented, the module for the All comms has been written and the database for the fault codes has been created. I have just one last little hang up to resolve and the module will be released. I would expect the release before the end of July.

Fingers crossed on that last little hangup. There always is one unexpected little thing holding everything up.
This is a quick shot of the development environment that has consumed all of my evenings lately. L322 modules everywhere.

Work is currently underway on a huge redesign of the All comms tool look and functions. Also a new update is planned for the Diesel Engine Management functions. If you are reading this, please make sure to spread the word. I am busy at work every evening programming the Diesel Engine Management functions and redesigning other functions.

Other Functions I will be adding.
1. Live Real time graphing for sensor data collection.
2. Automatic Text file reports on vehicle diagnostic sessions.
I have been developing a new software tool for the Land Rover LR3 vehicle. This software tool uses the very common ELM 327 based chip for vehicle communication. The tool will be able to read and clear the fault codes on almost all of the LR3 vehicle computer systems. I have finished the preliminary installment of the 4Dcan software disgnostic tool. The first installment will be limited to reading and clearing fault codes on the High Speed CAN bus. Secondary releases of the software will be able to modify many of the vehicle systems.
Happy New Year to everyone. This year’s completion marks the 5 year anniversary of RSWsolutions business operations. I am frankly shocked that you all find my tools so helpful as to keep me around this long. Thank you very much for the positive and kind comments that I have received over these last 5 years. Here is to hoping that we continue to own our Rovers for another 5 years. To the Journey of ownership…

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