The EAS pump and block assembly are located under the hood contained within a plastic enclosure marked "EAS". The pump is a high pressure low volume reciprocating piston pump. The pump is driven by a low voltage/current logic signal from the EAS ECU which triggers a Relay in the Main Fuse Box. The EAS pump also has a built in overtemp sensor that signals back to the EAS ECU. Pressure generated from the EAS Pump is fed into the EAS high pressure tank. Typically the most common failure point on these pumps is the piston seal. Replacement piston seals can be purchased from Rover Renovations.

The block assembly primarily conatins the solenoids used to actuate air pressure to the various suspension bags. Solenoids can occasionally fail but more than likely the entire valve block assembly might need a rebuild. The rebuild involves various orings and rubber gaskets. Again this is the realm of Rover Renovations.

The valve block assembly also contains what is know as the EAS Driver Module. This module is a black plastic enclosure that is tucked away under the valve block. The EAS Driver, receives low voltage signals from the EAS ECU and converts this logic signal to a PWM modulated 12v DC signal. The Solenoids are not simply driven by on and off 12v supply but rather a fancy start up and sustain PWM signal. One should never drive the solenoids straight off of a 12v supply.


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