The EAS suspension relies almost entirely on the height sensors for empirical data on the outside world. These sensors are a feedback for several assumptions that the EAS ECU makes on the condition of the suspension system. Any failure of a sensor will trigger an EAS Fault.

The EAS height sensor is a Potentiometer fed with a regulated 5v reference signal. This reference voltage is then modified by the resistive Potentiometer and a voltage is fed back into the EAS ECU. The modified voltage is then fed into one of the A2D converters on the Motorola 68HC05 microprocessor. The 0-255 Digital value of the sensor voltage is then used to determine the exact position of that sensor and the height of the suspension.

The potentiometer inside the EAS height sensor can develop dead spots over time. These dead zones result in an inaccurate or a nonresponsive reading back to the EAS ECU. If the ECU tries to raise a corner of the vehicle and there is not a corresponding change in the height sensor then an EAS fault can be logged. The EAS ECU has different fault codes for a sensor that has bad reading versus an EAS sensor that is completely disconnected.

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