The EAS compressor is very small and underpowered. Don't get me wrong, it does a good enough job when the EAS is in perfect working order. However when the EAS begins to develop leaks the compressor is quickly overwhelmed.

If overworked, the compressor can begin to fail. Internal components of the compressor begin to wear and overall the pump becomes less efficient. This is another reason that leaks in the EAS should be fixed quickly and not left alone. Small leaks can cause the compressor to run more frequently.

The EAS computer keeps track of the frequency of the compressor operation. If the compressor runs too often, it can trigger an EAS fault. The EAS computer also keeps track of the pressure in the EAS system and the number of compressor overheats. If the compressor is overworked, it will quickly lead to an EAS fault.

The compressor health can be checked with a pressure gauge. The compressor should dead-head the pressure gague with approximately 170-175 psi. If the tested pressure value is significantly lower, then a new compressor seal may be in order. Compressor seal replacement is very inexpensive and can be performed fairly easily. Rover Renovations

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