The symptom of a leak in the EAS system can be subtle at first. The first signs that there is a leak in the EAS, is that the vehicle will lower in height overnight. This can be observed visually when approaching the vehicle or it can be seen when the vehicle is started. If the vehicle has lost height over time, it will adjust the height of the vehicle when it is started. The degree of this height correction and the time taken to adjust the hieght, will give you an idea of the severity of the leak.

For example, the EAS should not loose more than about 1cm of height change in a 24 hour period. If you vehicle has lowerd from normal height down to access level overnight then you have a major leak somewhere. If however it has only lowered about a few mm and corrects the height within a few seconds, then the problem is not terrible.

Leaks are by far the most common causes of EAS Faults. The most common cause of leaks, is a worn and old Air Spring. Air springs do not last forever. At most, they last about 8 years before beginning to develop small leaks. The leaks can be too small to see or hear. Inspect your air springs regularly.

Other areas of the EAS system can be inspected for leaks. The tops of each air springs are vulnerable to leaking. The interface of the high pressure air lines and the EAS valve block can also be a source of leaks. They are worth inspecting.

If no obvious areas of leaks can be found, then it is also a possibility that the valve block has an internal leak. Leaks can be localized to the internal components of the valve block. In these cases, the valve block can be rebuilt with a small cost and modest effort. Valve block rebuild kits can be purchased at; Rover Renovations

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