The third revision of the hardware boards arrived last night. I assembled the newest version of the board, and was extremely pleased to find that all of the changes that I had made to the power busses and the chip footprints were sucessful. At this point, everything on the hardware level is complete.
I next need to begin pushing towards the complete lower level software communications layers on all three vehicles. I am extremely close to having the lower level communications layers operational but nothing is polished yet or is using any windows threading.
Once I absolutely confirm that I can communicate on each of the vehicle protocols and get the appripriate response, I will begin the large scale hardware manufacturing process. Currently I can communicate with each of the vehicle protocols, but only on a very rudimentary level. I simply need to verify once and for all that the hardware design I have created will work from start to finish on each of the protocols. Nothing can be left to chance when hundreds of units must be manufactured at once.

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