Fault Detection:
The air suspension ECU performs fault detection and plausibility checks. Fault detection is limited to faults that the

ECU can directly measure, as follows:
 Sensor hardware faults
 Valve hardware faults
 Sensor and actuator supply faults
 Bus failures
 ECU hardware errors.

Plausibility checks are checks on signal behaviour are as follows:
 Average height does not change correctly
 Height changes too slowly
 Suspension moves in the wrong direction.
 Reservoir pressure
 Does not increase when reservoir filling requested
 Does not decrease when reservoir used to lift vehicle
 Does not decrease when reservoir is vented
 Pressure varies too much when inactive.
 Compressor temperature
 Increases when compressor inactive
 Does not increase when compressor active.
 'Energy' used to change height of corner
 Too much 'energy' used – height change takes too long or long term filtered height does not reach target.
 Sensor activity
 Signal floating
 Inconsistent signal characteristics – signal on one side of axle is varying but other side remains static
 Constant articulation when moving.



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