There is not really much to say about me that you all would be interested in. I am just a regular guy who has had the fortune or misfortune, depends on how you look at it, to own a Range Rover.

When I first took ownership of 1996 P38a, it only had about 78,000 miles. Before then I think the most complex mechnical work I had ever done was to change spark plugs. Since then, things have changed significantly.

I will not bore you with all the petty little and some not so little things that have gone on with the Rover. I will tell you that I have had all the typical Rover problem ranging from major Cooling system leaks to a simple sagging headliner. I have attacked every problem on my rover with my own research abilities and hands on learning. I have personally repaired every failure with my Rover except for two times. Once when my transmission was rebuilt and the second was when the EAS would go into fault mode. The EAS would drive me absolutely nuts when I could not reset the computer.

Each experience has been a tremendous learning opportunity. Luckly for the Range Rover community, when I had a series of EAS faults in Winter of 2006, I simply could not let it go. I was determined to figure the EAS out once and for all. I then began what would be almost a year of research into every single scrap of information I could find on the EAS. I would spend days upon days just searching the internet for anything no matter how insignificant. I bought a spare EAS module off of Ebay and spent almost a month trying different physical layer protocols. One evening, I stumbled upon the correct physical layer voltage and bit patterns. The journey eventually led me to join forces with several people spread across the globe and we all colaborated to finally disect the remaining EAS communications messaging protocol.

After the free windows software for the majority of the EAS operations was complete, I began developing the EAS Buddy Box. The EAS buddy box took about three weeks of nonstop development on my part. I was pulling an 8 hour regular work day and then would come home and work on the EAS Buddy Box for another 8-10 hours before getting some sleep. For the project I had to learn how to program in assembly language and design my own PCB boards for the production numbers I wanted to reach. All of the components in the design had to be carefully examined and finalized for the current production version. Everything was then packaged up and designed to fit the tolerances for the current enclosure and cable specifications. Overall a tremendous amount of work went into this endevor.

What do I do for a living? Well it has nothing to do with automobiles nor does it have anything to do with electrical engineering. I write image analysis algorithms and design academic research studies in the field of prostate cancer. My daily job is performing prostate cancer research in a university setting.

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